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YellowHaze Sustainable Technologies Private Limited is a fast-growing Sustainable Technologies company based in Udaipur, India. Founded in 2018 with a commitment to improving sustainability, YellowHaze initially started as a renewable energy consultancy, helping individuals, businesses, and industries transition to sustainable solar power. Over the years, the company has expanded its services to include various sustainability-related fields, such as food waste to biogas, waste to CBG, and solar for process heating.

In 2021, YellowHaze also ventured into Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Technologies & Solutions with its platform YoCharge. com. With a team of technocrats from IITs who share a common philosophy of enhancing consumer choices and creating sustainable households, companies, villages, and cities, YellowHaze offers a wide range of products and solutions tailored to meet client needs.

Guided by values of safety, excellence, ethics, and professionalism, YellowHaze is dedicated to the success of its clients and building a sustainable future. Their vision is to be the one-stop Sustainable Technologies Company, offering innovative financial models and efficient operations to enable the early adoption of high CAPEX Sustainable technologies. YellowHaze aims to promote sustainability through cost-effective and superior products and technologies.

They aspire to challenge industry standards, advance technologies, and innovate solutions, while also creating opportunities for growth and leadership for their team and partners. Operating in North India with a diverse clientele base, including both rural and urban populations, YellowHaze strives to build strong relationships with their customers by understanding their needs, anticipating constraints, and proactively addressing them. They believe in a customer-first approach and aim to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of their work.

YellowHaze upholds a strong set of values and philosophy, encapsulated in the SELECT system. They prioritize safety and sustainability, empower individuals to take initiatives, foster a culture of learning and innovation, uphold ethics in their conduct, prioritize customer satisfaction, and embrace teamwork and diversity. With a team led by founder Jaideep Singh Shaktawat, an aspiring entrepreneur with a background in solar energy, and Director - Business Development Vibhav Vyas, a strong professional with expertise in business development, YellowHaze is committed to creating a sustainable future through their diverse and comprehensive range of solutions.

Whether it's providing solar power, waste management solutions, or EV charging technologies, YellowHaze aims to make a positive impact on the environment while helping their clients achieve sustainability goals


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