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Yiyuan is a leading tech company dedicated to serving the beauty industry through technological innovation. They specialize in providing AI skincare and AI magic mirror skincare analysis, as well as skincare devices and tools. Yiyuan focuses on promoting healthy and beautiful skin.

With a team of experts including AI and high-performance computing professionals, as well as individuals with backgrounds in renowned companies like Tencent, Sina, Lenovo, and Vipshop, Yiyuan is at the forefront of the skincare AI trend. They are committed to leveraging AI technology to enhance human visual perception, increase productivity, and bring convenience to people's lives. Additionally, Yiyuan strives to inspire human creativity and provide happiness, encouragement, and motivation through their research and application of computer vision and deep learning technologies.

Yiyuan has a top-notch internet and AI team, as well as medical and equipment experts and advisors. Their advantage in skincare AI, coupled with the immense market demand in the beauty industry, positions them as a leader in the field. Yiyuan also offers API platforms and frameworks that have demonstrated commercial potential in other health sectors.

For those interested in the skincare and beauty industry, Yiyuan is the go-to brand. Contact them today to experience the cutting-edge advancements in skincare AI


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