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58,051 客户,入驻友付 | 国际电商平台:微站,商城,活动,票务,会员,客户管理,众筹,拍卖,国际收款


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Yoopay is the leading full-stack international ecommerce system in China, offering powerful and user-friendly features to over 54,000 businesses and events. The core modules of the platform include microsites, online stores, events, auctions, payment processing, membership management, communication management, and international payments. Clients can choose to use these modules individually or in combination, based on their specific needs.

The microsite feature allows businesses to create visually appealing and professional websites that showcase their unique brand image. These microsites are easily customized and support bilingual content, seamlessly adapting to both web and mobile platforms. Integration with WeChat is also available, along with modules for online stores, events, memberships, and discussions.

The online store module provides a robust and user-friendly ecommerce system, with features such as product management, inventory control, shopping carts, multiple payment methods, logistics integration, customer membership, promotion and group buying options, affiliate programs, and statistical reports. The system is also automatically optimized for mobile and WeChat platforms. The event module offers a comprehensive solution for event management, including professional and attractive event pages, registration and check-in functions, data management, and support for various event types such as single, recurring, touring, and training events.

It also includes features like early bird tickets, group tickets, discount codes, channel codes, bundled tickets, and additional merchandise sales, significantly boosting event revenue. The auction module supports both online and offline auctions, with features like starting prices, market prices, bid increments, deposit payments, and real-time bidding leaderboards. Participants can join auctions by scanning QR codes or participating online via smartphones or web browsers.

Integration with WeChat allows for easy participation and promotion. The membership module enables easy management of member profiles, increasing membership engagement. Users can define, edit, and manage different membership types, allowing members to apply, approve, pay, renew, import, and export their membership information via mobile and mobile platforms.

Exclusive benefits such as member-only tickets and discounts are automatically implemented by the system. The communication management module supports batch emails, SMS, and WeChat messages to specific user groups, with features like customizable email templates, whitelist/blacklist management, scheduled sending, and real-time tracking. The international payment module seamlessly integrates multiple international payment gateways, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

It enables secure and hassle-free online payments from international buyers. Integration with popular third-party ecommerce systems like WordPress, Magento, and Shopify is also possible through Yoopay plugins. In summary, Yoopay offers a comprehensive suite of functionality for businesses and events, including microsites, online stores, event management, auctions, membership, international payments, and communication management.

With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Yoopay is the go-to platform for businesses and event organizers seeking to streamline their operations and enhance their revenue


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