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Yoosell is a leading brand that offers cutting-edge technological solutions to help businesses of all sizes increase their potential in a competitive market. As the Business Representative in Spain and LATAM for top technology companies with SaaS services, Yoosell provides the perfect solution for business growth. Acting as your close point of contact, they streamline management processes, offer deep knowledge, and deliver expertise on the solutions you need.

Their portfolio includes solutions like LastPass Business, which effortlessly manages passwords without complicating the work for administrators or employees. With features such as secure and centralized access, reporting, multifactor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and active directory integration, LastPass Business ensures maximum efficiency. Another stellar offering from Yoosell is Barilliance, a platform that personalizes the shopping experience for eCommerce businesses, increasing conversion rates.

With features like personalized product recommendations, real-time web personalization with AI, cart recovery through email and push notifications, customer activity notifications, and a loyalty platform, Barilliance specifically caters to businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and retention. Additionally, Yoosell offers GoTo, a revolutionary communication and collaboration platform that transforms the way individuals and businesses connect and work in the digital era. It provides organizations with the remote meeting solution they need to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

With flexible webinar modes, interactive features, advanced analytics, powerful integrations, and more, GoTo enables organizations to reinvent their training strategy by delivering engaging online courses that increase completion rates and improve retention. It also allows for remote deployment, automation of routine IT tasks, reliable and fast remote access, software updates without disrupting end-users, and comprehensive inventory reporting for IT teams. Furthermore, Yoosell provides a comprehensive IT solution that encompasses remote monitoring and management, remote access and support, ticketing, automation, and various additional functionalities.

Designed to minimize downtime and maximize productivity, this unique solution optimizes all IT needs and resolves incidents efficiently. In summary, Yoosell is committed to delivering technological solutions that drive business growth and help companies stand out in the market. Whether you are looking for increased efficiency, enhanced security, or improved profitability, Yoosell has the expertise and solutions to meet your needs.

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