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Young Shluchim is a brand that caters to the needs of young shluchim across the globe. As a division of The Shluchim Office, it provides various programs and initiatives to support the children of shluchim living outside established Jewish communities. These programs offer unique opportunities for these children to connect with others who understand their situation and share the same challenges.

One of the flagship programs is the Tzeirei Hashluchim Winter Camp, where the children of shluchim can spend quality time with their peers in a warm and chassidishe environment. The camp is filled with well-planned activities, learning sessions, farbrenging, trips, and even a visit to the Ohel. Dedicated staff members supervise the children throughout the weekend, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Another key program is the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim, a gathering for boys and girls in grades 3-8. This event allows the children to experience the same energy and inspiration as their parents do from each year's Kinus. With a full schedule of activities, including learning sessions, trips, and visits, the Kinus provides a wonderful platform for the young shluchim to connect and grow.

Young Shluchim, a brand synonymous with support and empowerment, is dedicated to enriching the lives of the children of shluchim worldwide


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