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Two weeks to recalibrate your team, accessing the unique network of 50,000+ top talents from Europe and Latin America.


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YouTeam is a reputable brand that offers a unique network of over 50,000 vetted engineers from Europe and Latin America. It serves as a matchmaker, connecting tech leaders with the precise talent they need for their projects. YouTeam prides itself on its Contracts & Payments feature, which provides a safe and balanced environment for both parties involved.

They go beyond industry outsourcing best practices, ensuring the utmost safety and satisfaction for their clients. YouTeam's service agreement is signed between the Customer (your company) and the Contractors (development agencies that employ the selected engineers). YouTeam acts as an authorized agent for the Contractors, handling payments.

To protect clients from developer rotation, the names of the selected engineers are included in the contract. If any engineer is removed, the Contractor must provide an equivalent replacement with the same rate. YouTeam offers flexible payment options such as local bank transfers, credit cards, and international transfers, giving customers peace of mind.

Intellectual Property (IP) rights belong entirely to the Customer, and all Confidential Information (CI) is used solely for the purpose of the Service Contract. Customers can enjoy a trial period of one month and have the option to terminate the contract immediately during this period. After the trial period, the standard termination notice time is one month.

During the contract duration and for one year after it ends, the Customer is prohibited from soliciting employment or any other form of direct cooperation with the contracted engineers. What sets YouTeam apart is that there are no minimum commitments or penalties for contract termination by the Customer. They provide comprehensive resources, such as case studies and blog articles, to help clients make informed decisions.

With YouTeam, you can outsource to various destinations, including Latin America and Eastern Europe, while ensuring competitive rates and high-quality service. To learn more about the brand and their service contract terms, visit their website


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