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Our mission is to create a youth upskilling platform where young people learn the skill of using social media, working in a team, and understand structures and processes.


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YOLO is a brand that aims to create a platform for youth upskilling and community engagement. Their mission is to provide young people with the skills to effectively use social media, work in teams, and understand structures and processes. With the help of advanced computing and AI tools, YOLO empowers citizens to find solutions for social, economic, environmental, and civic issues in their local areas.

The brand's core focus is on enabling youth to organize themselves and bring about positive change through crowd funding and budgeting initiatives. YOLO has a dedicated team of fifteen core members, sixty group leaders, and two hundred fifty community managers, all working together to make a difference. They offer various projects and campaigns, such as the YOLO Kids Ration Distribution Drive, Digital Parenting, Online Safety, and Skill Building Workshops.

Additionally, YOLO organizes events like E-Conclave and #NoHateFest to further promote social awareness and digital empowerment. Join YOLO in their mission to create a better future for our communities by becoming part of their active and innovative platform


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