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The Cultural Center ZIL is a classic constructivist monument in Moscow, originally built as one of the first Workers' Palaces of Culture and still serving its original purpose. This center was conceived as a progressive and forward-thinking space for building a new society. Today, it stays true to the principles of constructivism, focusing on creating useful things for the city and its residents while emphasizing harmony and convenience.

The building itself reflects the constructivist approach by efficiently grouping a variety of spaces within a small area, allowing for freedom of planning and thought. This mindset carries over into our team's decision-making style. Our main goal is continuous production and creation, akin to an industrial conveyor belt, with a focus on producing new content every day of the year.

The spaces within the Cultural Center ZIL are filled with creative energy and people driven by self-discovery, self-expression, and self-development. We offer a wide range of activities, including historical and new club formations, lecture courses and workshops, original productions, and exhibition projects. Additionally, we have recently established laboratories, residences, and a creative accelerator for those seeking to start their own artistic projects or even businesses.

Our core values are love, openness, freedom of expression, and respect for history. We cherish a friendly atmosphere and strive for order, cleanliness, and beauty in our surroundings


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