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Airtasker Embodies Bolder, Brighter, and More Energetic Rebranding

Old Airtasker logo
New Airtasker logo

Airtasker's fresh rebrand showcases an animated logomark that gleefully waves, smiles and jumps, as well as lively illustrations that playfully interact with photography.

"The new identity embodies our bolder, brighter and more energetic personality. It was crucial to preserve the Airtasker wing concept in our logo to symbolize our commitment to swift task completion." says Airtasker's VP of Design, James Nau. "The characters in the logo, with their animated persona, strive to capture the warm, uplifting energy and diversity of Airtasker."

Airtasker, an innovative online and mobile marketplace, was founded in 2012 by Australian entrepreneurs Tim Fung and Jonathan Lui. The Sydney-based company revolutionized outsourcing by providing a platform where users can outsource everyday tasks from business and administration work to gardening and cleaning. In just over a decade, Airtasker has seen significant growth, raising AUD $65 million as of 2017.

The company's journey was fuelled by the founders' realization that numerous tasks related to relocating apartments could be outsourced, leading to the creation of Airtasker. Since its inception, the platform has expanded its offerings to cater to businesses as well as individuals. Airtasker's marketplace operates by having users post a job they need completed and set a suggested payment. Community members then bid to complete the task, and the user chooses the tasker based on their profile, task history, and ratings. Airtasker also offers a unique insurance cover, which provides up to $10 million cover to protect Taskers for their liability to third parties.

In the midst of this success, Airtasker has continuously sought to innovate and improve its brand. This year, they partnered with Studio Koto, known for its proficiency in delivering identity systems that understand global market nuances. Together, they embarked on an extensive rebranding project that embraced Airtasker's more "bolder, brighter, and more energetic" personality. This led to a new, refreshed colour palette and bespoke hand-drawn wordmark, resulting in a brand that is as unique and dynamic as the services Airtasker provides.

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