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Fresh company data
for B2B Personalization

Tap into the largest database of company data to access key
firmographics like name, industry, description and more.

Powering the world’s best companies.
From next-gen startups to established enterprises.
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Pull rich firmographic data
from any website URL

Global coverage

Transform any URL into a rich
company panel information


Onboard like 1, 2,3


Classify brands in real-time using their URLs


Extract social profiles, description and more

Brand story

The story behind each brand

Turn any URLs into a rich 200 character AI-description based on the content of their website.


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In summary

Here’s what makes us special

Pure player

Pure player

We’re the brand data specialist with a deep focus on B2B personalization use cases.

Global coverage

Global coverage

Our Brand API works in real-time, and returns data across every geo, industry, or size.

Highest accuracy

Highest accuracy

Brandfetch is the only provider with a 1st-party approach, guaranteeing you higher compliance.


Your questions, answered.

How does pricing work?

Does Brandfetch obtain permission from each brand?

Can I use the provided data for commercial purposes?

Do you offer plans for startup and nonprofits?

What’s the format of logos?

What is your coverage?

How often do you update your dataset?

How does Brandfetch compare to other providers?

Can I try before I commit to a paid contract?

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We're the leading brand data aggregator, simplifying next-level B2B personalization for developers 👋

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