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In summary , although RiteKit provides a Logo API, RiteKit's focus is on social media automation, whereas Brandfetch is the leading brand data aggregator with an exclusive focus on providing high-quality brand data for B2B personalization use cases.

Unlike RiteKit, which focuses on social media automation and offers a Logo API as part of their diverse suite of products, Brandfetch is exclusively specialized in brand data aggregation. Brand logos are not a nice to have add-on; but our main product enabling B2B Personalization use cases.

This exclusive focus allows us to deliver higher-quality data, making us the trusted choice from next-gen startups to enterprises like Apple, LinkedIn or Morningstar.

Brandfetch vs. RiteKit: which should you choose?
  • A focused partner – Brandfetch is the brand data specialist exclusively focused on providing access to high-quality brand information. Unlike RiteKit, providing access to brand logos is not a side product, but a core focus.

  • Fresh & reliable data – Brandfetch's exclusive focus leads to data that surpasses RiteKit in both accuracy and coverage. To maintain this high-quality standard, a thorough verification process is in place, combining both AI technology and human Q&A.

  • Beyond logos – Brandfetch delivers more value per API call than RiteKit. Each request returns not only the brand’s latest logos — but offers a comprehensive set of brand attributes, from color schemes to firmographics like industry information and descriptions. See our live demo.

  • First-party approach – Brandfetch indexes brand data in real-time across all geo, industry, or language. If a brand isn't already in our directory, we'll find and add it instantly. You can see this in action when you try our demo.

  • First-party approach – Brandfetch is the only data provider allowing brands to verify their profile. This not only enhances the accuracy of the information but also simplifies compliance — a feature highly valued by financial institutions.

  • Trusted by enterprises – As the trusted choice for enterprises, Brandfetch meets all security & compliance requirements and has experience navigating complex legal and procurement processes.

How does Brandfetch compare to RiteKit?







Coverage & Accuracy

This section focuses on evaluating brand logos, as it is a primary datapoint for B2B personalization







Logos variants

All known logos

Horizontal logos & icons

Real-time indexing

SVG format

Logo fallbacks

Dark & light themes

Flag for review

No attribution link

Service & Support

First-party data


Free tier available

GDPR compliant


Brandfetch provides access to a comprehensive brand information, going beyond just logos to offer a full suite of brand attributes. Our meticulous verification process combines AI and manual verification. We also stand out for our focus on compliance and trust, especially among enterprises. Choosing Brandfetch is a strategic decision for anyone serious about quality and reliability in brand data.

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Here's where Brandfetch shines:

If you’re looking for a reliable partner with a unique focus.

If you need access to fresh & reliable brand data.

If your use case revolves around B2B Personalization.

If you aim to maintain a robust compliance profile.

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