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How Pitch increased user activation by 3x and built a new product experience

Pitch is collaborative presentation software that enables real-time teamwork on beautiful presentations, streamlining creation and communication for teams.

Brandfetch has become an integral part of the Pitch experience, ever since the partnership began in 2020. Often when creating presentations — especially in the workplace — users want to pull in high-quality logos without trawling Google. With Brandfetch integrated into Pitch, they can quickly access logos from the interface.

How Pitch integrates Brandfetch on their product

To enhance their product’s user experience, Pitch is making use of Brandfetch integration in three ways:

  • The first is in the presentation editor, where users open a Media menu to insert images, videos, gifs, icons, and — thanks to Brandfetch — logos. When inserted logos are SVGs, they can also be recolored in Pitch. Which means it’s quick to insert a group of company logos yet easy to keep your slides visually coherent.

  • It’s also used during the onboarding flow. When people sign up, Pitch use their email address to retrieve their company name and logo, to help personalize their workspace and help to get them started. 

  • In Pitch, teams can create presentation templates so it’s easy to reuse and adapt content when making future decks. Brandfetch is used when a “branded” template is created, pulling through their website’s accent color, title font, and logo, to help pre-fill the template style and reduce the overhead of setup.

Brandfetch Case Study - Increasing activation rate for branded templates by 3x

Increasing activation rate for branded templates by 3x

Meaningful impact on product and users
On the product

After Pitch added the new branded templates flow to help users more easily work with their brand, the number of workspaces that created templates grew by 3 times. 2 out of 3 templates created are now ‘branded’, which use the Brand API as described.

We see 3x in people using
templates to create presentations
James Chant

James Chant, Product Marketing Lead at Pitch

By pre-filling the color, fonts, and logo from Brandfetch, it gives teams the needed boost to bring their brand into Pitch so that designers and brand champions can ensure their company’s decks remain on-brand.

For the users

Whether for conference talks, sales pitches, or fundraising decks, marketers and sales teams often need to reference logos in presentations. Having a seamless way to insert the correct logos in these moments makes the experience more delightful for teams that would otherwise need to search for high quality, ‘official’ assets.

Users often praise the ready availability of logos, alongside fonts, styles, gifs, icons, and other approved brand assets, as it helps make presentations easier to create
James Chant

James Chant, Product Marketing Lead at Pitch

Besides inserting new logos onto a slide, users can also replace images with a Brandfetch logo. So whether they start from a template from Pitch’s public template gallery — or a template their teammates have set up — a grid of images can also easily be swapped out for the right logos.

An effortless partnership

When asked about few words to describe the dynamics of the partnership with Brandfetch, a representative from Pitch stated that:

Working with Brandfetch and the Brand API has always been easy and enjoyable. They provide mockups of how new features could look in our product, to help guide us
James Chant

James Chant, Product Marketing Lead at Pitch

Their developer demo site was also fantastic. It gave us inspiration for the UI and UX we could implement, and also let us inspect their API and server responses, so that we could build and then test the final product with confidence. We have also experienced fantastic uptime, so we can maintain a great service for our users.

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