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In summary , Brandfetch is the leading brand data aggregator enabling B2B personalization use cases, while Clearbit is a data provider with a broader focus on sales intelligence.

Brandfetch and Clearbit both offer strong features, but Brandfetch shines in B2B Personalization use cases. As the leading brand data aggregator Brandfetch not only provides rich data but also ensures higher compliance. It's the go-to choice for teams aiming to improve user experience and onboarding.

Brandfetch vs. Clearbit: which should you choose?
  • Brand data specialist – Brandfetch is the leading brand data aggregator. If you’re looking for brand elements like logos, colors, images, or brand description look no further, we are the right choice for you.

  • B2B Personalization – Brandfetch is the right fit if you’re looking for brand data for B2B Personalization from adding logos to your app to streamlining your onboarding. See some of our use cases.

  • First-party approach – Brandfetch is the only data provider allowing brands to verify their profile. This not only enhances the accuracy of the information but also simplifies compliance — a feature highly valued by financial institutions.

  • Global coverage – Brandfetch indexes brand data in real-time across all geo, industry, or language. If a brand isn't already in our directory, we'll find and add it instantly. You can see this in action when you try our demo.

  • Generous free tier – Brandfetch allows you to immediately get started without speaking with sales, and offers flexible contracts. Just create an account and instantly receive a working API key.

How does Brandfetch compare to Clearbit?



Not maintained





Coverage & Accuracy

This section focuses on evaluating brand logos, as it is a primary datapoint for B2B personalization







Logos variants

All known logos


Real-time indexing

SVG format

Logo fallbacks

Dark & light themes

Flag for review

No attribution link

Service & Support

First-party data


Free tier available

GDPR compliant


Although Brandfetch and Clearbit have an overlap, Brandfetch shines in B2B Personalization use cases by providing global access to key branding elements such as logos, colors, fonts, images, and company information whereas Clearbit is a B2B data provider for sales intelligence.

At a quick glance

Here's where Brandfetch shines:

If you have a use case around B2B personalization.

If you don’t want to show attribution in your app.

If you need brand data across all geos, industries, languages.

If you want to get started in seconds, without any lengthy commitments.

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