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How Typeform saw a 5% lift in conversion by transforming their onboarding

Typeform is the gold standard for online interactions. By prioritizing both creator and respondent experience, it empowers brands to connect through beautifully designed forms, quizzes, and surveys.

Typeform turns online forms into engaging conversations, resulting in a 60% higher respondent rate. This success is no accident; it's built on a deep focus on user experience for both creators and respondents, with brand being a core part of it.

This is where the partnership with Brandfetch comes in. By integrating the Brand API, Typeform has made creating on-brand forms both simpler and faster. For new users, the branded theme is ready to use right away, adding an instant 'wow' effect. The result? A meaningful 5% boost in conversions from free to paid plans.

Creating a magical onboarding experience
Brandfetch Case Study - Adding a touch of magic into Typeform’s onboarding

Adding a touch of magic into Typeform’s onboarding

Brandfetch's integration with Typeform streamlines the onboarding process, delivering a faster time to value by automatically incorporating essential brand elements.

Brandfetch Case Study - The description of the brand is automatically pre-filled

The description of the brand is automatically pre-filled

The Brand API and GenAI: forms that build themselves
  • Description – the brand's description is automatically incorporated, serving as a foundational element to personalize the content of the form.

  • Logos – like magic, Brandfetch automatically pre-fills the company logo in forms. Users don't need to add anything, as the right logo appears exactly where it should.

  • Colors – Brandfetch identifies the correct color scheme, so the forms are properly branded right from the start. Users don’t have to hunt for color codes, saving time and ensuring brand consistency.

The impact? A better experience and a higher conversion
Brandfetch Case Study - A touch of delight with auto-branded forms

A touch of delight with auto-branded forms

According to a Typeform representative, integrating the Brand API not only elevated the user experience but also brought a measurable impact on Typeform’s conversion rate.

We saw a 5% increase from free to paid plans
using the Brand API on our onboarding
Pol Borrellas

Pol Borrellas, Product Manager at Typeform

“Our relationship with Brandfetch has been very smooth since the first minute. They have been very attentive to our needs, especially when it comes to validating the value that the Brand API can provide to our customers before committing to a longer-term partnership.

A great user experience is foundational to Typeform, it was very important for us to work with the best-in-class provider like Brandfetch. Their sole focus on brand data gave us the peace of mind to know that we were choosing the right partner!”.

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