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How Lucid streamlines customer-facing documents using the Brand API

Lucid is a visual collaboration suite that provides whiteboarding, diagramming, and visualization solutions to empower organizations to see and build the future.

With 70 million users globally, including 99% of the Fortune 500, Lucid's visualization products have become essential tools for translating complex ideas into clear visuals. To address one of the most frequent user requests — effortless creation of on-brand documents — Lucid has formed a strategic partnership with Brandfetch.

By integrating the Brand API into Lucidchart and Lucispark, users now have a direct pipeline to essential brand assets. This allows for instant customization options right at their fingertips, saving sales and marketing professionals countless hours while also strengthening their compliance.

Access to the world’s brands straight from Lucid
Brandfetch Case Study - Every brand's logo, color, font, and images are at the user's fingertips

Every brand's logo, color, font, and images are at the user's fingertips

With the Brandfetch for Lucid users can easily access any brand's key assets, such as logos, colors, or images, which helps in quickly creating on-brand collateral.

Empowering customer-facing teams
  • Sales professionals– Sales reps are always tailoring collateral for clients. With Brandfetch, they can swiftly go to market with polished materials that heighten customer engagement and drive conversions.

  • Solutions engineers– Creating technical materials demands a lot of focus; searching for a logo breaks the flow. Brandfetch saves the day by offering a quick way to incorporate brand assets into architecture diagrams for enterprise clients.

  • Consultants – Agile workshops and live sessions require captivating, visual content to maintain engagement. With Brandfetch, consultants gain instant access to the most current brand assets for visually engaging presentations.

A partnership built on modern APIs and trust
Brandfetch Case Study - Users can easily create color-coded visual flowcharts

Users can easily create color-coded visual flowcharts

The strategic collaboration with Brandfetch enhances Lucid's visual collaboration suite by satisfying a high-demand request for accessible, on-brand materials. Remarkably, the entire integration was executed in less than a week, serving as a testament to the agility and robustness of both platforms' APIs.

Having Brandetch into Lucid wildly improved and simplified our ability to brand documents. It's my new favorite extension and immediately changed how we worked.
Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey, Professional Services Consultant at Lucid

“Brandfetch’s team is both reliable and easy to work with. We started our partnership with a clear goal in mind, and went on a smooth and productive journey that added value for both for Lucid and Brandfetch”.

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