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American Cancer Society rebrands to shine a light on their impact

American Cancer Society old logo
American Cancer Society new logo

One of today’s most known non-profits recently rebranded.

The brand worked with agency, Havas, for their rebrand. In a press release, the organization’s CMO, Kymm Martinez, said: “"Havas New York has been instrumental in partnering to help us move away from telling stories about what we do, to instead telling stories about the impact we make. 'Meant to Be Together' sheds light on the massive impact and scale the American Cancer Society has."

American Cancer Society icon

American Cancer Society

American Cancer Society logo
American Cancer Society logo

Formerly named the American Society for the Control of Cancer, the American Cancer Society is a health organization dedicated to cancer prevention. The organization was formed in 1913 in New York and is currently headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It mainly does educational services, policy and advocacy making on cancer and its possible elimination.

The American Cancer Society also publishes journals dedicated to cancer research and awareness, under the journals CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicans, Cancer Cytopathology, and Cancer. Activities by the organization also include funding grants for cancer research, advocacy campaigns, and programs toward cancer awareness. It serves over one million callers every year through the National Cancer Information Center.

It organized projects such as the Great American Smokeout and Relay For Life, and also participates in the Hopkins 4K For Cancer. Recently, the health organization arranged an online charity stream called Gamers Vs. Cancer, which featured professional online game streamers. The organization was ranked tenth among 100 other charities in the “most popular charity/non-profit organizations” in 1994.

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