October 25th, 2021

Attentive's Rebrand


Max Valiquette, Director of Brand Design at Attentive, talked about partnering with an agency, the concept of ‘Journeys’, and how and why they chose yellow as their prominent color.

Can you introduce us to Attentive and its initial branding?

From the beginning, our focus as a company has been on our customers.

Attentive homepage.
Attentive homepage.

Our brand name, Attentive, was intentionally selected to represent our core goal: to be attentive to our customers’ needs while delivering thoughtful, engaging experiences to their customers through personalized messaging.

You mentioned on the Attentive blog that a rebrand should be tied to a catalyst. What was the catalyst that prompted you to rebrand?
How did the rebranding process go? Were there any challenges that you encountered?
What’s the story behind your new logo?
How about the colors? Why is yellow a prominent and important color for your brand?
What about your brand’s visual style? How did you land on a specific visual style?
Do you have any specific takeaways or learnings from this experience?
What’s next for Attentive?