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Bend Studio’s rebrand pays homage to the mountains of Oregon

Bend Studio old logo
Bend Studio new logo

The popular video game company unveiled a new logo that reflects the studio’s history, location, and lifestyle.

“The wordmark and symbol were designed to be graphic and bold, so that we utilize numerous variations in colorways and stylised treatments of the symbo, while still maintaining an identifiable brand identity.” says Shay Casey, Associate Art Director. “Because the Bend Studio logo is split into a symbol and a workmark, we have more flexibility with the symbol.”

Formerly known as Eidetic Inc., Blank, and Berlyn & Co., Bend Studio is a AAA video game developer founded in 1992 by Michael Berlyn and Marc Bank and is currently based in Bend, Oregon. Some of the brand’s known games are Days Gone for the Playstation 4, Resistance: Retribution for the Playstation Portable, and the Syphon Filter series. As of 2000, it has been developing games for Playstation Studios.

Bend Studio’s first foray into the video game industry was puzzle video games for the Apple Newton back in 1993, and since then, it has expanded into other mediums like 3D games, and in 1996 released its first-ever console game: Bubsy 3D. In 2019, the brand made its first-ever original intellectual property after Syphon Filter called Days Gone.

Since 2019, Bend Studio has had 190 employees brainstorming, creating, and developing games, with the brand boasting their remote, nature-filled workspace, as their offices are currently located in the base of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon.

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