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Coinbase’s rebrand is a balance between traditional banking and humanity

Coinbase’s old logo
Coinbase’s new logo

Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange platform, unveiled a brand new identity with the help of branding agency, Moniker.

San Francisco-based startup, Coinbase, was built on the radical premise that anybody should be able to send and receive Bitcoin effortlessly and securely. The platform now successfully offers a secure and easy-to-use way into the broader crypto-economy.

Founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong of Airbnb and investor Fred Ehrsam, the start-up has over the years positioned itself as a go-to source for acquiring blockchain commodities in the United States and beyond.

While Coinbase's primary source of revenue remains transaction fees paid by retail users and is most widely known for cryptocurrency, the company also delves into complementary industries such as prime brokerage, data analytics, and collateralized lending via internal investment and acquisitions.

Coinbase has approximately 89 million users in over 100 countries with $547 billion in trades quarterly and $278 billion of assets in the platform.

“Our design approach struck a balance between the trusted elements of the financial world and the need for greater humanity & accessibility.” says branding agency, Moniker, who were behind the change. “The typography is inspired by the monospaced typefaces historically used in financial documents and wayfinding symbols while the layout system allows for all the flexibility and dynamism of a global market that stays open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.”

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