October 18th, 2021

Creatopy's Rebrand


Teodora Gavrilut, Chief Operating Officer at Creatopy, who talked about involving the whole team in their rebranding, their ‘Glow’ as a representation of that creative “Aha!” moment, and the challenges in defining a new brand.

Could you introduce us to Creatopy and its beginnings as Bannersnack?

The company we now call Creatopy is a SaaS that started out in 2008 in a small city in Transylvania under the name Bannersnack. It was founded by Romanian entrepreneur Gabriel Ciordas.

The goal was to build a platform for web developers that creates online banners quickly and easily.

Bannersnack developed throughout the years, managing to help more than four million users and Fortune 500 companies make powerful designs for their advertising campaigns while also growing to become a bootstrapped company of more than a hundred employees.

However, by 2019, we came to the conclusion that the product was too small for our ambitions. That was how we decided to go through a full rebranding process, changing the name and the visual identity while upgrading our mission and vision statements.

What was the rebranding process like? Were there any challenges you experienced?
What’s the story behind your new logo?
How did you land on the design style you call the ‘Glow Update’?
How do your company values reflect on Creatopy’s branding?
What would you say is your biggest learning or takeaway from this rebranding?
What’s next for Creatopy?