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Ecosia goes greener with its new branding

Ecosia old logo
Ecosia new logo

The environmentally-friendly search engine gets a major brand refresh.

“We’re going to keep doubling down on green search. And we’re going to keep just really making our user experience better,” says Ecosia's Chief Product Officer, Michael Metcalf, in an interview. “I think the brand is the first step in that direction and the big preview here is we’re the same company we were before but we see a big opportunity to have a greater impact.”

Ecosia is a search engine that was founded by Christian Knoll in December 2009 with the plan to help mitigate the effects of deforestation on the planet. With this in mind, the search engine promises to plant trees with every search made, using the profits made from users' searches into planting trees and helping reforestation. The search engine is also available in over 27 languages.

Based in Berlin, Germany, the company considers itself a social business, where the focus of the company is not on maximizing profits, but instead to help out non-profit organizations by donating 80% of their profits. Ecosia’s search results are being provided by Microsoft Bing since 2017, and have committed to encrypting users' searches and not selling data to third-party advertisers in 2018.

The company currently has 20 million users, and in 2021, Ecosia has gained a revenue of €28 million. Ecosia is also B-Lab certified and has planted over 152 million trees around the world.

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