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Ferragamo rebrands with a modernist logotype

Ferragamo old logo
Ferragamo new logo

The famous fashion brand is now officially known as just ‘Ferragamo’.

“The equity of Florence is in the culture of the company: that led me to the choice of a classic font. The vision is exacting and modern. Thereafter, the font is reduced and becomes modernist.” according to Peter Saville, the artist commissioned for the new logo. “Then there is the craft that is quintessentially Ferragamo, which is condensed in the idea of an inscription set in stone. Within this tension lies the new logotype and the complex balance it expresses.”

An Italian luxury fashion company, Salvatore Ferragamo, was named after the designer and founder himself. It was founded in 1927 and headquartered in Florence. Ferragamo has around 447 retail stores and is present in 90 countries worldwide. The owners, the Ferragamo family, is the primary stakeholder in the company. 

The brand’s specialty is designing leather items and footwear, which amounts to 86% of Ferragamo’s revenue. The remaining amount goes to perfumes, ready-to-wear items, and fashion accessories. The Ferragamo brand has amounted to revenue of €1 billion in 2021.

The Ferragamo brand started with Salvatore Ferragamo moving to the United States to open a shoe store called the Hollywood Boot Shoe. This store mainly catered to famous movie stars and celebrities, and following his success, Ferragamo moved back to Florence to start his brand and shoe factory. In 1938, Ferragamo opened its first flagship store and the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, and by 1948, it opened its first retail store in New York City.

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