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Japanese brand, Hands, unveils a new name and single-stroke logo

Hands old logo
hands new logo

Popular Japanese brand unveils a new logo and drops ‘Tokyu’ from ‘Tokyu Hands’

About the new logo, “The single stroke writing expresses the hope of connecting the past and the future. It is reminiscent of the previous logo with its long-known motif of “hand wings”, as well as evoking the image of people dancing with excitement.” according to design company Nendo, who was behind the rebrand.

Also known as Tokyu Hands, it is a Japanese department store found in 49 locations across the country, but also has stores in Taiwan and Singapore. 

Tokyu Hands started as a do-it-yourself store in Shibuya in 1976, specifically selling materials for arts and crafts projects. The company believes in the concept of "Create your own life in your own way with what is available within reach." 

Currently, the store labels itself as a “creative hands store” offering products beyond arts and crafts materials.

Hands also provides lifestyle products, hardware, pet supplies, stationery, and tools. The company also has an online store that can be bought by international customers through BuySmart. Most Tokyu Hands branches offer demonstrations and workshops for free and even have a delivery service available for products that customers can’t pick up immediately.

Tokyu’s Ikebukuro branch also houses a cat cafe called “Cat’s House” or Nekobukuro, with the cafe housing around 20 or so cats that freely roam around and interact with patrons.

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