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Minute Maid Debuts Fresh New Global Branding

Minute Maid old logo
Minute Maid new logo

Minute Maid, the world-renowned juice brand, has embarked on a transformative journey with its global rebranding.

"We felt the Minute Maid family was due for an elevation to the icon it truly is." says Rapha Abreu, Global Vice President of Design for The Coca-Cola Company in a press release. "With this move, we are thinking about our brand holistically – developing a flexible global design system centered on what makes Minute Maid unique."

Minute Maid, the largest juice brand in the world, is a product line usually associated with lemonade and orange juice. It is a part of the global beverage giant, The Coca-Cola Company. The brand began its journey in 1945 as Florida Foods, Inc and later became Vacuum Foods Corporation. It has since then grown extensively and employs over 1,900 people with over $2 billion in sales (as of 1997).

Historically, Minute Maid made a significant mark by becoming the first company to market frozen orange juice concentrate. This innovation allowed the brand to distribute its products throughout the United States and offer it year-round.

The brand has undergone multiple transitions over the years. It was initially based in New York, then moved its headquarters to Orlando, Florida, in 1957. Subsequently, it relocated to Houston, Texas, and again moved to Sugar Land, Texas, in 2009.

In terms of business evolution, the brand has seen several key milestones. The first shipment of its frozen orange juice concentrate took place in April 1946. Following its initial success, the company adopted the name Minute Maid Corp. in 1949. Further, in 1960, the Coca-Cola Company acquired Minute Maid. Today, Minute Maid continues to innovate and expand its product range to stay relevant and appealing to its global customer base.

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