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New Relic's rebrand puts a focus on engineers

New Relic old logo
New Relic new logo

Tech company, New Relic, revealed a new logo and visual identity after 14 years.

The San Francisco-based company develops cloud-based software to help website and app owners track the performance of their services. The company enables developers “to build the next great thing,” assisting engineers to plan, build, deploy, and run their software.

New Relic aspires to make observability a data-driven approach to engineering and a daily practice for every software engineer. It provides developers a unified data platform for all their data—from metrics and events to logs and traces—paired with analysis tools. The company’s powerful platform ingests 3 billion data points every minute and serves over 160 billion web requests each day.

Founded by Lew Cirne in 2008, New Relic has 2,200 employees in 16 offices globally. Inc. has named it as one of the best-led companies in 2021. Since 2014, the company has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NEWR.

“And while the New Relic brand served us well over our first fourteen years, it’s the one area of our business that didn’t evolve with the rest of our company. It doesn’t reflect the modern, sophisticated, innovative, and industry-leading company we are today.” says Greg Perotto, SVP, Corporate Marketing, Brand, and Communications, in a blog post about the rebrand. “FutureStack 2022 marks the debut of our new brand—complete with a new look and feel, voice and tone, tagline, logo, colors, and website reflecting our intense focus on the success of our customers: software engineers.”

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