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Philharmonie Luxembourg's Rhythmic Rebranding Hits a High Note

Philharmonie Luxembourg old logo
Philharmonie Luxembourg new logo

Philharmonie Luxembourg has fresh rhythm and resonance, courtesy of a cutting-edge rebranding by NB Studio.

"Creating a connection between the building and the music played within was at the core of our solution," explains Sam Pittman, design director at NB Studio in a press release about the rebranding. "Our generative tool utilises the real-life waveform to drive the animation, bringing the brand to life through music. The tool is a huge step forward in Philharmonie's digital transformation programme."

Philharmonie Luxembourg icon

Philharmonie Luxembourg

Philharmonie Luxembourg logo
Philharmonie Luxembourg logo

Philharmonie Luxembourg, also known as the Grande-Duchesse Joséphine-Charlotte Concert Hall, is a reputable concert hall nestled in the Kirchberg quarter of Luxembourg City. Opening its doors in 2005, this architectural masterpiece designed by Christian de Portzamparc seats up to 1,500 people and plays host to an impressive 400 performances each year. Its iconic façade, adorned with 823 white steel columns, serves as an immediate beacon of the city's vibrant cultural life.

A hub of eclectic music, the Philharmonie is home to the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra and hosts a wide variety of musical genres ranging from classical to jazz.

The Philharmonie has evolved into a dynamic organization featuring an academy, children's programs, a membership scheme, amateur orchestras, and more. This transition led to a necessary rebranding aimed at encapsulating its multifaceted nature and broadening its appeal beyond classical music lovers to a younger, digitally savvy audience.

The new visual identity, crafted by London-based NB Studio, captures the emotion, eclecticism, and immersive experience of music, reflecting the institution's diversity and openness. At the core of the rebranding lies a music-responsive logo, a generative tool that animates the logo's columns in sync with any music piece's rhythm.

This innovative design element marries the iconic structure of the Philharmonie with the immersive soundscape within, establishing a cohesive and vibrant brand identity that resonates with the music at its heart. The rebranding is a significant step forward in the Philharmonie's digital transformation, opening a new chapter of audience engagement and inclusivity.

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