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Powerbar’s rebrand reflects their bigger mission

Powerbar’s old logo
Powerbar’s new logo

Powerbar, the global brand of energy bars, recently unveiled a new logo as well as their new slogan, “evolving mindsets.”

Founded by Brian Maxwell, Mike McCollum, and Jennifer Biddulph in 1986, PowerBar was initially an American brand of energy bars. Since then, the company has created other sports nutrition products such as energy drinks.

From the beginning, the company’s goal was to “revolutionize sports nutrition”, originally wanting to prevent runners from getting fatigued during races. Initially, PowerBar was primarily for athletes and professionals and was the first-ever energy bar to be consumed by athletes during competitions.

Now, people all over the world consume Powerbars, and the brand is a leading producer of energy bars in both North Americ and Europe.

PowerBar reached $150 million in sales before being bought out by Nestle for $375 million back in 2000. They were later on acquired by Post Holdings in 2014.

Today, the company takes social responsibility seriously, using high-quality ingredients for their products. Their operations are also CO2 neutral, and their recent rebranding focuses on ‘evolving mindsets’ in today’s conflict-riddled world.

“Our world is in a worrying unrest. Climate crisis, social injustices or a lack of equal treatment, just to mention a few challenges.” according to the Powerbar website about the change. “But we are not giving up! We have a positive view of the future! It is never too late for changes.”

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