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April 20th, 2023

Pull&Bear's Brand Transforms For the Changing Times

Pull & Bear old logo
Pull & Bear new logo

The fashion brand is going for a more youthful direction.

The company unveiled their new look on Twitter, going for a more geometric wordmark and icon. It is a more structured and defined take on the logo, with an icon that entwines 'P' & 'B' for a more distinct monogram.

Pull&Bear, a Spanish-French fashion retailer founded in 1991, is headquartered in Narón, A Coruña, Galicia. As a subsidiary of Inditex, the company shares its parent company with well-known brands Zara and Bershka. Pull&Bear was initially established to diversify Inditex's commercial offerings, which at the time consisted solely of Zara stores. Originally catering exclusively to men, Pull&Bear expanded to include a female collection in 1998, with sales now equaling those of its male line.

In 2010, Pull&Bear underwent a rebranding, introducing a new logo and revamping its European stores. The brand further diversified by partnering with sports brand Umbro in February 2019 to launch a joint sportswear line. In a show of solidarity with Ukraine, Pull&Bear ceased operations in Russia in March 2022.

Pull&Bear focuses on designing, manufacturing, and selling urban-style clothing and accessories, drawing inspiration from US popular culture. The brand has introduced new product lines in its stores, such as music, technology, video games, and video imagery, to complement its clothing offerings. In 1998, Pull&Bear unveiled the "XDYE" line, which features sporty, hi-tech clothing designed to resonate with 21st-century youth culture.

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