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Sprite unveils a new logo as part of its global rebranding

Sprite old logo
Sprite new logo

Sprite releases a new logo for its first-ever 'all-encompassing' global branding campaign.

Sprite is the world’s leading lemon and lime-flavored soft drink. Created by The Coca-Cola Company, the colorless sparkling beverage is sold in more than 190 countries. In the United States, Sprite has been the official soft drink of the National Basketball Association since 1994. Widely known for its thirst-quenching lemon-lime taste, the drink also comes in several flavors, including cherry, lemonade, and tropical mix.

The brand traces its beginnings to West Germany, where it was first developed in 1959 as Fanta Klare Zitrone (“Clear Lemon Fanta”). In 1961, It was introduced in the United States under the brand name Sprite. 

Since the 1980s, Sprite has developed a following among teens and young adults. The clear soda has been marketed using many slogans, including “Control your thirst,” “Obey your thirst,” and “Be true to who you are.” Today, Sprite is The Coca-Cola Company’s second-largest brand, with more than $20 billion in global retail sales.

The new visual identity is part of the brand's 'Heat Happens' campaign.

“Many things create ‘heat’ around us… it’s inevitable,” said Shrenik Dasani, Global Brand Director of Sprite, through the Coca-Cola Company website. “‘Heat Happens’ shows that cooler heads always prevail. Whether its mental heat in the shape of unwanted interruptions, or the physical heat of a sweaty commute, our hectic daily schedules leave us constantly searching for ways to keep our cool. We believe that adding a human layer of understanding and dash of comedic value, as well as a sip of ice-cold Sprite, can help diffuse potentially triggering situations.”

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