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July 13th, 2022

Temenos reveals new brighter visual identity

Temenos old logo
Temenos new logo

The banking platform unveils a new look to showcase how it's 'Everyone's Banking Platform.'

“The brand update is informed by Temenos’ strategic shift towards being an open platform for composable banking," according to a post from Principle, the brand agency that helped with the change. "Principle made use of the arc of an exponential curve as a metaphor to represent the potential of the brand to create opportunities for everyone. Known as the Temenos ‘Curve’, it forms part of a visual identity system designed to flex across formats as well as highlight important content across all communications."

'Everyone’s Banking Platform”, Temenos specializes in creating software for banks and other financial institutions. Created in 1993 as Temenos Systems, it is currently headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and in 2001 was officially launched to the public and was included in the Swiss stock exchange. It serves in industries such as computer software and digital banking.

With offices across 67 countries, the software provides services for over 3,000 financial institutions across 145 countries globally. Temenos is also used by two-thirds of the top 1,000 banks worldwide and is serving 1.2 billion customers, roughly 30% of the world’s banked population.

It is the third largest European software company, with a revenue reaching around $981 million in 2019. Temenos’ technology is available on cloud platforms such as Microsoft, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, IBM, and Huawei Cloud, and is adheres to AICPA/SSAE18 SOC2 security principles.

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