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Irish food and nutrition company, Tirlan, reveals a new name and brand

Tirlan old logo
Tirlan new logo

Formerly known as Glanbia Ireland, the food and nutrition company has unveiled a new name and identity.

According to the official press release about the rebranding: “Combining the Irish words ‘Tír’ for land and ‘Lán’ for full, Tirlán stands for ‘Land of Abundance’,” it says of the name change “--and represents the deep connection and relationship between the Co-op, its people and the land they nurture together to farm and sustain.”

Tirlan is a food and nutrition company that operates in over 130 countries. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Kilkenny, Ireland. Tirlan has a diverse range of products, from vitamins to dairy products such as cheese, milk, and cream, that are being sold all over the world. Their brands include Premier Dairies, CheddMax, and Avonmore.

The group has four divisions: Glanbia Ireland, Joint Ventures & Associates, Performance Nutrition, and Glanbia Nutritionals. The company started as a co-operative and has since continued its traditions in the co-operative movement by having its suppliers retain a significant amount of interest in the company. Currently, Tirlan has around 7,300 employees working within these divisions. In 2019, the company gained €3.9 billion in revenue.

Though its main customers are from Europe and the United States, the company plans to expand its market to other continents like the Middle East and Asia. There are over 52 Tirlan retail stores across the globe, with several offices based in Shanghai, Chicago, and the UK.

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