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Tooheys Rebrand Is A Fresh Twist on a Time-Honored Legacy

Tooheys logo before
Tooheys logo after

Iconic beer brand, Tooheys, has launched a major rebranding of its packaging, reflecting a modern aesthetic while honoring its rich history.

"Tooheys is a brand that has over a century and a half of stories under its belt – so there is a challenge in moving too far away from the past and our rich legacy." said Chris Allan, head of Core Beer Marketing at Lion Australia. "We feel the new packaging pays tribute to our proud heritage as well as modernising in a way that allows the core brand assets to shine."

Tooheys, a revered brewery in Lidcombe, Sydney, is part of the Lion beverages group, which was acquired by the Japanese Kirin Company in 2009. The brewery has a history dating back to 1869, when Irish immigrant John Thomas Toohey received his brewing license.

The brand took root in Sydney in the 1860s when John and his brother James Matthew started brewing Tooheys Black Old Ale. The surging demand for their beer led to the establishment of The Standard Brewery in Surry Hills in 1875.

The company went public as Tooheys Limited in 1902, and by 1930, they began brewing lager, now known as Tooheys New.

In 1980, Tooheys merged with Castlemaine Perkins to form Castlemaine Tooheys, which was later bought by the Bond Corporation in 1985.

The brand's products, including Tooheys Old, Tooheys New, and Tooheys Extra Dry, are now brewed at Tooheys Brewery, and home-brew kits are distributed by Lion and produced at Canterbury Brewery.

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