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Western Union Rebrands to Show Global Solidarity and Progress

Western Union old logo
Western Union new logo

Western Union, the global leader in international money transfers, has embraced a bold new branding in an exciting rebranding journey.

"Western Union is the world’s leading international money transfer solution, and the most accessible financial services company in the world, It is not a crypto-startup-unicorn-millennial-fintech-solution." according to Love Street & Company, the agency behind the rebrand in an article. As such, the rebranding introduces a new change to the company's visual identity while preserving the brand integrity it has had for decades.

Western Union icon

Western Union

Western Union logo
Western Union logo

Western Union, an American multinational financial services company, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, boasts a rich history dating back to 1851.

The firm dominated American telegraphy from the 1860s to the 1980s, pivoting its business away from communications in the 1980s, focusing increasingly on money-transfer services. By 2006, it ceased all communications operations, with The New York Times labeling it as "the world's largest money-transfer business."

Current Western Union services range from wire transfers, wherein money can be sent online or in-person, to mobile money-transfer services introduced in 2007 in collaboration with the GSM Association. The Western Union Connect service was launched in 2015, following partnerships with WeChat and Viber, allowing users to send money across multiple countries.

This long-standing company recently embarked on a significant rebranding journey, working with Love Street & Company. The comprehensive rebranding maintains the original colors but introduces a fresh, more bold approach to its overall identity. The revamped logo, typography, design system, photographic style, and iconography all echo a global, unified, and progress-oriented future vision, staying true to its core values while signaling a new era of growth and innovation.

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