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Zoho Unveils Simple, Straightforward, and Vibrant New Logo

old Zoho logo
new Zoho logo

Zoho released a brand new logo and identity.

Central to their new look is their changed logo. According to their brand guide, "Our logo is our most valuable brand asset. Consistent usage of our logo is absolutely essential in establishing brand consistency. Our logo is simple, straightforward, and vibrant."

Zoho Corporation, established in 1996, is a leading Indian multinational technology company well recognized for its expansive web-based business tools and computer software. Originally known as AdventNet, Inc., Zoho initially provided network management software before broadening its operations and shifting focus towards small and medium businesses (SMBs). Their extensive product line includes Zoho CRM, Zoho Writer, Zoho Projects, Zoho Creator, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho Show, along with invoicing and mail applications.

In 2009, the company adopted the name Zoho Corporation after its online office suite and has since remained a private entity. As of 2021, Zoho One, a comprehensive suite launched in 2017, has been expanded to 50 applications catering to over 50,000 organizations across more than 160 countries.

Besides the software solutions, Zoho is also renowned for its commitment towards employee welfare. This was evident when they constructed an organic farm for employee sustenance and recreation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their corporate responsibilities also extend to the Central Texas Food Bank, where unused food from the farm is shared.

By July 2022, Zoho reached an impressive milestone of serving over 80 million users, marking a significant contribution to the digital world. This is a testament to Zoho’s unwavering dedication to providing functional, scalable, and innovative technology solutions across diverse formats and environments, a quality that's now visually reflected in their vibrant rebranding.

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