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Foundation helps you prioritize your mental health and find a therapist that understands you.


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Foundation is a brand that prioritizes your mental health and aims to help you find a therapist who truly understands you. They understand that finding the right therapist can be challenging and intimidating, so they provide a solution that allows you to find a more personalized therapist match. With Foundation, you can focus on your care and have confidence in your therapist's understanding of your unique needs. Foundation offers a range of services to support your mental well-being. You can instantly book discovery calls and therapy sessions, ensuring you have timely access to the support you need. They also have a communication and personality-driven therapist matching system, which helps ensure a strong connection between you and your therapist. With access to thousands of licensed therapists, you can find the right professional that suits your specific requirements. Personalizing your therapist experience is at the core of how Foundation works. They facilitate the process of matching you with licensed therapists, allowing you to book discovery calls and therapy appointments seamlessly. Additionally, their blog covers topics such as active listening, improving relationships, and well-being tools like the Flourishing Scale. Join Foundation's waitlist to be the first to know when they launch and take that crucial step towards prioritizing your mental health.


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