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WackerDeWijk is a reputable brand that offers a wide range of products and services. They are well-known for their dedication to the sport of soccer and have a strong presence in the community. With a focus on both senior and youth teams, WackerDeWijk provides excellent training and development opportunities for players of all ages.

Their website is a valuable resource for members, with information about the organization, including the daily management team, technical committee, and match secretariat. Additionally, they offer a comprehensive history and archive section, featuring descriptions and photos that showcase the club's proud heritage. For both senior and youth teams, comprehensive schedules, match results, and standings are easily accessible.

They also have a dedicated section for match reports, ensuring that fans stay updated on the latest team performances. WackerDeWijk is supported by a passionate and dedicated fan base, with a robust supporters association. They organize various events, including card evenings and have a regularly updated agenda section to keep fans informed.

The brand's commitment to the local community is evident through their active participation in the Orangevereniging meetings and the provision of a top-notch sport complex. This complex is diligently maintained by a group of enthusiastic volunteers, ensuring that it always looks its best. With their strong brand presence, range of products and services, and commitment to their community, WackerDeWijk is a brand that soccer enthusiasts can rely on


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