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Iedereen is uniek en ontwikkelt zich op zijn eigen tempo en eigen manier. Dat mag en dat kan! Daarom is OOZ gestart met een nieuwe onderwijsroute.


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OOZ is a brand that believes everyone is unique and develops at their own pace and in their own way. That's why they have started a new educational route called Onderwijsroute 10-14 in Zwolle. They offer the opportunity for students to choose when they are ready. At OOZ, they understand that everything in the world is interconnected, and they incorporate this concept into their teaching methodology. Through their approach of Deep Learning and Student Voice, students not only achieve the same or better academic results but also gain significant social skills. OOZ provides a solid and smooth transition between primary and secondary education, with coaches and subject experts creating a safe environment for students to explore their talents and interests. This allows students to confidently choose their further education when they truly know what they want. OOZ's 10-14 concept is based on the latest scientific insights and research, creating a chance-rich learning environment for students aged 10 to 14. They offer a mini-society for students, with mixed-age and mixed-level classes and dedicated coaches to support their growth and development.


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