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Academia. edu is a renowned platform that serves as a hub for sharing and following academic research. With a firm commitment to enhancing the world's research, Academia.

edu has attracted over 232 million registered users and hosts a staggering 48 million uploaded papers. This platform serves as a valuable resource for academics, professionals, and students, with approximately 74 million visitors per month. Founder and CEO Richard Price established Academia.

edu to provide scholars with an easily accessible space to showcase their work and connect with like-minded individuals. By offering a user-friendly platform, uploading personal papers and creating homepages became effortless, removing the need for technical expertise. Academia.

edu has prioritized growth and currently makes around 20 million paper recommendations daily, working towards their goal of becoming the fastest and most relevant paper distribution system worldwide. Their commitment to transparency and trustworthiness extends to peer review, where they aim to evaluate the validity of papers and claims made within them. By facilitating the sharing of knowledge in various formats, such as video, short-form content, data sets, and code, Academia.

edu is transforming the way research is presented and consumed. Their ultimate mission is to accelerate research, democratize knowledge, and foster innovation in fields including climate change solutions, disease cures, and artificial intelligence advancements. Operating on a Freemium revenue model, Academia.

edu allows free access to research for all users while offering premium subscriptions to researchers seeking advanced research discovery tools and authors desiring enhanced analytics and impact tracking features. Their 260,000+ premium subscribers contribute to the hosting of free research and support the organization's overarching mission. With monthly signups exceeding 140,000 and over 74 million visitors, Academia.

edu is a crucial platform that propels research and empowers individuals across the academic spectrum


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