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We Are the in-content shopping solution AiBUY’s proprietary technology transforms the way consumers interact with media.


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AiBUY is a leading in-content shopping solution that revolutionizes the way consumers engage with media. In a world where scrolling and watching videos is a passive experience, AiBUY empowers users to take action. With their proprietary technology, they enable users to make purchases without ever leaving the content they’re engrossed in.

AiBUY offers a frictionless and interactive shopping experience that informs, entertains, and makes purchasing more accessible. They cater to various industries, including OTT, retail, entertainment, online media, and influencers. By merging commerce with media, AiBUY transforms online shopping into an emotional and engaging journey.

Their services include a machine learning recommendation engine, analytics to empower businesses with data, and secure payment integration. AiBUY enables brands to increase revenue through content by meeting consumers on social media and leveraging shoppable videos. They also provide features like hot spots and cue points to highlight specific products within the media for a seamless experience.

By partnering with leading technology platforms, AiBUY maximizes content to deliver distinctive eCommerce experiences at scale. They merge AI and AR technologies to create powerful and engaging shopping experiences. With integrated payment methods like Google Pay and Apple Pay, AiBUY reduces friction and simplifies the purchasing process.

Experience the future of in-content shopping with AiBUY and transform the way you engage with media. Visit their website to schedule a demo and unlock the potential of shoppable media everywhere


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