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Our Journey AMC is a social enterprise started in 2008 with the dream of bringing real change to the housing sector in Pakistan by making affordable quality houses Our Vision To ensure that every citizen, irrespective of their economic status, has decent choices of where they live and get chances to thrive as a community.


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Safiya Homes is a brand that specializes in providing affordable housing solutions in Pakistan. With a strong commitment to transforming lives and communities, Safiya Homes goes beyond just building houses. They put the needs of the community at the forefront of every project, creating a new way of life for their customers.

Combining their expertise in project and construction management, Safiya Homes offers quality physical infrastructure and housing units, along with social infrastructure and services. This unique approach addresses the severe housing shortage in Pakistan and provides ordinary, hard-working Pakistanis with access to affordable, high-quality housing. Safiya Homes takes pride in being the only socially-driven private-sector business focused on delivering affordable housing solutions.

Their ultimate goal is to create thriving communities where families can flourish and grow. For more information about Safiya Homes and their projects, you can visit their office located in Lahore or contact them through their website or social media platforms


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