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LendMN is a brand that is dedicated to serving the underbanked population through innovative and disruptive technology. As a subsidiary of AND Global, LendMN's mission is to empower underbanked individuals with the latest technological advancements. They offer a mobile-based, instant microloan platform that is low-cost and accessible.

LendMN's core system utilizes proprietary technology to collect user data, access credit databases, and perform data analytics using machine learning algorithms. This enables them to make data-driven decisions and provide tailor-made credit opportunities for millions of underbanked middle-class people. With highly available and fully scalable infrastructure, LendMN ensures that their platform is available 24/7, under any circumstance, and can handle heavy traffic without compromising performance.

Their enterprise-grade machine learning algorithms boast an accuracy rate of more than 95%, constantly evolving with every new piece of data. In addition to their lending solution, LendMN offers a transaction API for easy integration with other banking systems, a data collector system for powerful credit scoring and online KYC, a credit scoring system that combines traditional and non-traditional data, a customer relationship management system, and a business intelligence system for real-time information and collaboration. LendMN's technology also includes advancements in machine learning, blockchain, image processing, data analysis, and natural language processing.

These technologies enable them to predict credit behavior, improve customer onboarding processes, and analyze massive datasets for accurate identity verification and market trend predictions. As a fintech startup, LendMN has gained recognition from Forbes and Tech in Asia for their efforts in filling the cracks of Mongolia's lending system through a combination of human interaction and AI. With LendMN's mobile app, users can conveniently select their desired lending amount and repayment time period.

For more information about LendMN and their innovative solutions, visit their website at www. lend. mn


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