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Azucarera Ebro S.L.U produces sugar. The Company offers white and brown cane sugar and molasses.


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Azucarera is a leading sugar producer in Spain, with a long history dating back to 1933. The company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. Azucarera specializes in the production and distribution of sugar and its derivatives.

Its main products include white sugar, brown sugar, liquid sugar, and sugar cubes. The company also offers a range of specialized sugars for industrial customers, including powdered sugar, invert sugar, and fondant. On a global scale, Azucarera operates through its parent company, AB Sugar, which is part of Associated British Foods (ABF).

AB Sugar has subsidiaries and joint ventures in several countries, including China, Spain, and the UK. Notably, Azucarera has formed a joint venture with British Sugar, another subsidiary of AB Sugar, called Sugar Beet JV. This joint venture focuses on the production of sugar from sugar beet in the UK.

Azucarera holds a strong market position in Spain and is one of the major sugar producers in the country. It competes with other prominent brands such as Ebro Foods, Suiker Unie, and Tate & Lyle. In terms of global sales, Azucarera has a significant presence in Europe and Asia, leveraging its partnerships and subsidiaries.

There have been no major events or changes in Azucarera's strategy or product lineup that are significant to its growth. However, the company continuously works on improving its operations, sustainability practices, and product innovation to meet evolving consumer needs and market demands. As of the latest available information, Azucarera continues its operations as a leading sugar producer in Spain.

The brand's focus remains on delivering high-quality sugar products to both domestic and international markets


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