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With Best Friends, you're working to save the lives of cats and dogs all-across America, giving pets second chances and happy homes.


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Introducing Best Friends Animal Society, a brand dedicated to the welfare and protection of animals. With their tireless efforts, they strive to save and care for animals in need, providing them with a safe haven and a second chance at life. Recently, Best Friends Animal Society embarked on a 14-hour rescue mission to save a stranded mama horse and her precious foal at Lake Powell.

These horses found themselves marooned on a barren island as the water levels rose rapidly. Left with no food and surrounded by sheer cliffs, their situation was dire. Working in collaboration with the National Park Service, the Navajo Nation, and the Kanab Veterinary Hospital, Best Friends Animal Society orchestrated a thoughtful and intricate rescue operation.

After weeks of planning, a team of experts gathered at Lake Powell with a boat and a specially designed horse trailer. The first two attempts to sedate and transport the horses were met with unexpected challenges. However, the team persisted and adjusted their plans, ultimately creating a successful pipe panel box to enclose the horses safely.

With unwavering determination, they managed to move the mama and her baby, keeping them calm throughout the process. Best Friends Animal Society's dedication to these stranded horses exemplifies their commitment to providing assistance and care to all animals in need. Whether it's rescuing horses, dogs, cats, or any other creature, this brand ensures that every animal has a chance to thrive.

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