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Social Enterprise Binthout redt Nederlandse bomen van de versnipperaar en maakt prachtige houten lampen, tafels, meubels, snijplanken, stadstorens, sleutelhangers en meer! Duurzaam design; handgemaakt & geproduceerd in Nederland, omdat iedereen een kans verdient op de arbeidsmarkt.


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Binthout is a social enterprise that saves Dutch trees from being shredded and creates beautiful wooden lamps, tables, furniture, cutting boards, keychains, and more! They are committed to sustainable design, handcrafting their products in the Netherlands because they believe everyone deserves a chance in the job market. Binthout has a passion for wood, people, and design. Their collection includes a variety of wooden lamps designed to last for many years.

These lamps have a clear functionality, can be repaired if needed, and have a long lifespan. Additionally, Binthout sources their wood from sustainable, certified forests or uses locally-sourced reclaimed wood, contributing to a circular economy based on renewable resources. In addition to their commitment to sustainable practices, Binthout also focuses on creating valuable employment opportunities for vulnerable groups in society.

They believe in giving everyone a chance to work and contribute, as these individuals bring unique perspectives and joy to their work. Visit Binthout’s website to explore their collection of wooden lamps and tables, or if you are a business customer looking for custom-made products or partnership opportunities. Stay connected with Binthout to be a part of their impact on people and the environment


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