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BBKW Drying Solutions at low temperature with controlled humidity for Food, Pharmaceutical Cannabis.


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Black Block - Hybrid Solar Drying Systems is a brand specializing in smart dryers for food and medical cannabis. Their drying solutions involve dehydrating at low temperatures with controlled humidity, resulting in high-quality products with lower energy consumption. Whether you're drying aromatic herbs, cannabis, hemp, or spirulina, Black Block offers efficient and cost-effective solutions.

They offer different types of dryers to suit your specific needs. The WR model is a pharma dryer designed for temperatures ranging from 12 to 60Β°C, to be placed inside your main facilities. The White Block is a multi-purpose dryer for temperatures from 12 to 26Β°C, intended to be placed outside and connected to your main facilities.

Finally, the Black Block is another multi-purpose dryer suitable for temperatures from 22 to 60Β°C, and it can be placed outside, connected or not to your main facilities. Black Block also provides advanced controllers that offer full knowledge and control over all machine parameters in your drying process. The controllers are adaptable to any system and come with different user levels and a complete audit trail.

Additionally, Black Block offers a range of drying equipment to help improve your drying capacity, including air treatment units, dehumidifiers, filters, drying tables, and ventilated trolley/tower boxes. Their solutions are suitable for clean rooms, and they prioritize quality control and customer satisfaction. To learn more about their products and services, you can contact Black Block - Hybrid Solar Drying Systems at +351 269 477 163 or email them at mail@bbkw.



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