August 23rd, 2021

Census's Rebrand


Matt Yow, Designer at Census, talked to us about when the company knew it was time for a visual upgrade, his fusion of Vaporwave and Bauhaus to create a visual language, customizing typography for a ‘warmer touch’, and the importance of brand strategy.

Can you introduce us to Census and its initial branding?

I had to learn quite a lot about the data nomenclature and data culture when onboarding. My background is purely design, so it was a learning curve to simply understand the business as well as the industry. 

Census is an operational analytics platform, a final piece in the modern data stack. Basically, it’s a vein or highway taking large datasets from warehouses and properly syncing it seamlessly across other CMS platforms. 

Census's new homepage.
Census's new homepage.

This is a new space so we knew we wanted some kind of splash with the rebrand, but not alienating those unfamiliar with design concepts.

How did you know that Census had outgrown its previous brand identity, and that it was time for a rebrand?
What was the rebranding process like for your team? Who did you work with?
You used archetypes to guide you in this rebranding. What went into finding this for Census?
Tell us more about your new logo. What was the process of conceptualizing and designing it like?
Can you tell us more about using Vaporwave and the Bauhaus movement for Census's visual identity?
What’s the story behind deciding to customize the font for your typography?
Lastly, any takeaways or learnings from the whole rebranding experience?