November 8th, 2021

Chaos's Rebrand


Melissa Knight, Creative Director of Marketing at Chaos Group, talked about their new welcoming, creative, and optimistic look, rebranding a whole suite of products, and Chaos as the building block of creativity.

Can you introduce us to Chaos and the story behind its initial branding?

Chaos creates technology that empowers artists and designers to digitally visualize anything they can imagine. Our Academy Award-winning 3D rendering and simulation software is used by top visual effects companies, design studios, architectural firms, and advertising agencies around the globe. 

The company was founded in 1997 in Sofia, Bulgaria and our co-founders Vlado and Peter are still at the helm. 

The old Chaos Group logo.

Up until 2020 our branding remained pretty much the same as when the company was launched. The style was very monochrome, clean and rather serious in tone. As different software products were developed over the years, these each got their own style of logo.

What prompted the rebranding? How did those conversations start?
Can you talk about working with an agency to help with this rebranding?
What was the process of rebranding for you? Were there any challenges or pitfalls?
Can you talk us through the new logo? What’s the story behind it?
Your individual products also went through rebranding. Can you talk us through rebranding a whole suite of products?
What are the stories behind the new logos for your products? How about the choice of color palette?
What would you say is your biggest takeaway from the rebranding experience?