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CNET’s rebrand showcases its renewed purpose

CNET’s old logo
CNET’s new logo

Popular media site, CNET reveals a new visual identity along with its new website and digital features.

Since it first produced radio and television content, Computer Network or CNET has been helping consumers navigate a rapidly changing world driven by technology. Today, the media website is a go-to destination for what’s new in tech, empowering readers to decide what to do or buy next. From simplifying computers, gaming, and mobile to sharing advice on using tech in everyday life, CNET anticipates movements and trends.

CNET’s broad reach is undeniable. The top tech news website reaches 1 in 2 consumers across the United States. In addition, 67 million users from across the globe visit CNET every month. It also has Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish language-specific editions.

Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie founded CNET in 1994, and Red Ventures has owned it since 2000. The parent company operates media brands like Lonely Planet, Metacritic, ZDNet, Bankrate, and TV Guide.

"CNET has long been a destination for expert insight and trusted advice on consumer electronics. It's part of our legacy, and now we're evolving to help audiences make smart decisions in even more ways,” says Marc McCollum, President of Media and Commerce at Red Ventures in a press release. “CNET's new brand identity is a key symbol of how we're investing in the brand's evolution.”

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