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Design Museum of Chicago rebrands with Bauhaus Movement-inspired identity

Design Museum of Chicago old logo
Design Museum of Chicago new logo

The 10-year-old museum unveiled a new look.

According to the museum, they rebranded “to increase awareness of the museum for people inside and outside the design community, to build curiosity, meaning and participation with the museum, and to create a memorable brand expression for people to experience and own.”

Design Museum of Chicago icon

Design Museum of Chicago

Design Museum of Chicago logo
Design Museum of Chicago logo

Formerly called the Chicago Design Museum, the DMoC was established in 2012 by Tanner Woodford and was initially a volunteer-run pop-up museum that hosted various exhibitions from 2013 to 2013. In 2014, the design museum started a crowdfunding campaign to open to a more permanent location, and eventually moved to Expo 72 in 2018. 

The mission and vision of the Design Museum of Chicago are to “inspire, educate, and foster innovation through design”. The DMoC now mounts 2 exhibitions per year and has hosted around 175,000 visitors since its establishment.

The museum is a non-profit organization, and relies on volunteers to host programs and exhibitions. The programs of the DMoC are community-based and collaborative, with the museum making sure that the price of these programs is either free or low cost to invite all kinds of Chicago residents to participate. The DMoC defines design as multidisciplinary, and invites all kinds of art for their exhibitions, including graphic design, architecture, interior design, choreography, street art, and many more.

Notable projects of the museum include the Chicago Design Market, an advertising project called the Great Ideas of Humanity, and the VaxChiNation Artist campaign, wherein they collaborated with the Chicago Department of Public Health.

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