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Discover Dominica rebrands with new logo for the tourism authority

Discover Dominica Old Logo
Discover Dominica New Logo

The Discover Dominica Tourism Authority recently rebranded, introducing a new logo and brand identity.

Discover Dominica Icon

Discover Dominica

Discover Dominica New Logo
Discover Dominica New Logo

"As unique as the island itself, the letters have the feel of the rising Morne Trios Pitons and the various shades of green depicting the lush and verdant landscape covering the country," reads a press release. "The rich purple accent color comes from our beloved Sisserou Parrot and the vibrant red connotes our creole culture. With a very strategic approach, we were able to retain 'The Nature Island' tagline since there is a great deal of equity in it and it helps reinforce our position in a competitive market and to create a clear picture."

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